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How do we work? Work stages.

In "Ekodom" we offer everything related to the interior design - from the idea to the last detail of its realization ѝ. The whole process can be differentiated in the following stages:

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Stage 1, Meeting

If you came to our office, you probably already know something about us. Then let's get to know you too. Talking with the client is an integral part of our work. It provides insights into your wishes, individual requirements and style, timeframe and budget.

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Stage 2, Conceptual design

Architectural filming - sketching the areas
Development of functional distribution of the place by rooms
Conceptual interior design - room layout, color shades and style, preferred materials, vision and positioning of furniture, supply of samples
Two / Three-Dimensional Photorealistic Prospects - Visualizations

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Stage 3, Working project

The working project is prepared after approval of the design project and consists of detailed plans to the subcontractors, including positions, models, quadrature, quantities, etc.
Plumbing Plans and Electrical Installation
Ventilation plan (if provided)
Plan floors
Design decorative walls, cladding, lining, dry construction
Plan lighting
Furniture design
Consultation and selection of flooring, wallpaper, plaster
Offer for the implementation of the project

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Stage 4, Realization

This stage is not binding, but it is entirely up to you whether what you have approved as a project will actually be implemented.
We offer the services of experienced construction and repair brigades, who can perform every stage of the repair works - grinding, plastering, masonry and plastering, electrical instalation and plumbing change, dry construction, bonding of faience and terracotta, laying of flooring, waste disposal.