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The kitchen is always filled with energy

The kitchen is the room with the most action, it is the heart of home.

In some cultures the preparation of food is a sacred action, and in this sense the kitchen is a kind of altar that should inspire you.

But before the food reaches the table, the housewife opens, closes, stores, washes, cuts, takes out, puts back in ... several times. Therefore, the design of the kitchen must be consistent with all these activities.

Carefully consider the location of the main components - sink, hob, oven, refrigerator, dishwasher. It must be in tune with the sequence and rhythm of your actions in the kitchen.

Typically, the appliances listed are practically built-in, covered with a suitable kitchen top to give you free space to work.

The perfect kitchen is a symbiosis of several key components:
practicability of the form
ergonomics of movements
durability of materials
...and the character of the housewife!

In "Ekodom" we achieve the first three with careful planning of your needs, proper space management, quality of used materials and fittings by proven manufacturers.

And your style - we'll unleash it through a combination of colors and materials - solid wood with romantic, stained glass and granite top, or a modern-expressive vision in dynamic tones, technical stone and glass print.

We also offer the usual additions for a functional and aesthetically pleasing kitchen - standard and designer sinks and mixers, organizers for cabinets and drawers, appliances to build from leaders in production.

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