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The bedroom - far from everyone and everything

We live a dynamic life - work, family, relatives, friends - a turnip of events and emotions.

The first place that offers rest and escape from the stress of everyday life is the bedroom. Creating a sense of tranquility is the leading challenge in furnishing this room. Properly designed, it will provide you with a personal space filled with soothing colors, a comfortable bed and plenty of space for your belongings.

When remodeling the bedroom, consider the preferences of your significant one. This is a special place for you, so consider the comfort of both of you without giving unnecessary weight to the latest fashion trends in furnishing.

Defining stages in the layout of the bedroom are the selection and position of the furniture. While adding dressers, bedside tables, wardrobes, bedding, space can shrink considerably.

It is therefore important to decide what furniture and layout will provide the necessary storage space for your belongings, while leaving you enough space to move freely.

Last but not least, take the time to define a color scheme, accents, and decorations that reflect your personality or relationship.

If you experience any difficulties in this process, do not hesitate to contact us. In "Ekodom" we will take you across from the original sketch to your fully finished bedroom in which to relax, away from everyone and everything.

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